How to Walk Early in the Morning. Ways of Benefit



No kids yelling, no babies crying, no soccer balls, no cars, no television noise. The early morning hours are so peaceful, so quiet. It’s my favorite time of day. I truly enjoy that time of peace, that time to myself, when I can think, when I can read, when I can breathe.
Morning walk have so much  benefit which are these ,Health care tips, jogging, morning walk, Benefits Of Morning Walk, reduces cholesterol,strengthens joints and bones, helps control weight, reduces blood pressure,brain fitness,boosts immune system,control diabetes. Morning walk is considered to be the best form of exercise. Walking stretches your mind and your soul. It is dynamic mind & body process which creates a sense of rhythm. As you listen to your own silent rhythm, the pulse of life, your own heartbeat you become whole, fit in mind, body and soul. It is also considered to be a great medium by which you can bond with nature. A walk in the morning, while listening to soft chirruping of birds, can soothe your nerves and de-stress you.Get at least 30 minutes walk everyday. Keep your pace at 3 to 5 miles an hour, Vary your routes so that you are not walking on flat ground. Walking four times a week, 45 minutes each time, the average person can lose 18 pounds in a year with no change in diet. Walking can help you trim fat as well as tone your muscles.


Tips for Healthy  Walking:

  1. Drink water before and afterwards. If very thirsty, stop to drink during your walk.
  2. Don’t walk right after a meal. Leave at least 45-60 minutes after eating before taking a brisk walk.
  3. Avoid the hottest midday hours (noon to 3pm). The ideal time is morning or late afternoon.
  4. After a good long or brisk walk, it is a wise idea to eat some form or carbohydrate within a couple of hours to restore your glycogen.
  5. Walking is the most natural, practical, straightforward preventative exercise programme. The ultimate safe natural fitness routine, walking builds body strength, stamina and tone. It also de-stresses you – which is good for the heart and the nervous system. In your later years, it slows down the ageing process, keeping you fit, agile and mobile. Walking also helps you develop better coordination, breath control, self esteem and endurance.


Morning walks are great during the winter seasons, because that’s when our blood becomes thicker and walks help in increasing the rate of blood circulation and as a result, your body gets more oxygen. It warms up your body. Walking stretches your mind and soul and wakens you up from your sleepiness that you still persist. It helps in relaxing your mind. With this change brought about by going for morning walks your mood, mind, and soul is enabled to experience both physical and spiritual rejuvenation. As you go through this relaxation phase, your perception towards life changes and you reach the highest pulpit of positivity in the process!


what need to know:

  • Getting up just 30 minutes earlier than usual can give you enough time for a workout. This does not even have to mean leaving the house–a series of strengthening exercises or a workout DVD are easy and cheap ways to fit in exercise first thing. If you have an exercise bike or treadmill at home, you can work out in front of the TV
  • When you go for morning walks the oxygen that you get in the morning also provides you with an immense amount of energy. The movements in your legs help in releasing good cholesterol in your blood, by opening the channels or `chakras’ of energy. By the constant movements of your joints, there is an increase in blood circulation in a way that can only be completed with your daily morning walks.
  • There are other benefits of walking too, like it helps in strengthening your heart, it prevents major diseases and illness, contributes to the fitness of your brain and boosts your immune system.
  • Morning walks make you feel fit and healthy, this way it also helps in increasing your self-confidence and you the energy to cope up with the demands of life. So you should get up from your bed every day, early in the morning and go for walks, if you want to stay healthy and live long!
    Morning walks also help in reducing stress. The morning fresh air helps to sooth our nerves, and clears out toxins.  Morning walks acts as a natural medicine; it allows you to get rid of any gastric blockages that might prevent you from getting a sound sleep, and also adding excessive pain to your body. Diabetic patients have seen that morning walks helps in lowering blood sugar.
  • Walking should be the primary part of your fitness routine, no matter what other exercise systems, movement or sports attract you. Walk first, then run or dance or ride your bike. It’s up to you – you can cycle till you’re blue in the face and you still won’t get all the benefits you get from a good brisk walk. If your walking muscles atrophy, the rest of your body will soon follow. Brisk walking is the greatest form of exercise: your natural basic life-long conditioning programme,
  • Walking plays an equally, if not more, important role in the development of eastern thought. We walk slowly, in a relaxed way, keeping a light smile on our lips. When we practice this way, we feel deeply at ease, and our steps are those of the most secure person on Earth. All our sorrows and anxieties drop away, and peace and joy fill our hearts. Anyone can do it. It takes only a little time, a little mindfulness, and the wish to be happy.walking the best way to deal If you’re at home in the mornings, getting active could form part of your household chores. Cleaning, vacuuming and mopping the floor will all burn calories. Gardening is also a good workout and great for strengthening muscles. Got a dog? Both your body and his will thank you for taking him for a walk.
  • Adding exercise to your morning routine might not mean making a big change. Why not walk or cycle to work instead of taking the car or bus? Or take the bus only part way, or park your car in the farthest space and walk from there.


Follow these words make your life Healthy :

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”