How to Get Rid of Black Head from Nose



Blackheads as we know them are a stubborn kind of skin problem. Some blackheads when never treated timely develop roots within the skin layers. But never loose hope, my simple means we can get rid of deep blackheads.

Remove deep blackheads from skin:

  1. Take a steam bath or hot water bath. This will not only help open the pores but also soften the skin so that blackheads can be removed easily.
  2. Now cover your index fingers with tissues or washcloth, stretch the specific part of skin with the thumbs and gently squeeze blackhead out by applying pressure on either side of it.
  3. You can also use tweezers and blackhead extractor to remove them.
  4. Rub lemons over the area before you go to bed. Lemon juice will close up your pores blocking oils and dirt from soaking into your pores in the night.
  5. Remember not to apply lemon on face as it will give rash to facial skin or never use just Lemon to remove deep blackheads from skin.
  6. To remove deep blackheads from skin a simple technique can also be used, after each bath or was just rub the corner of your towel in opposite direction of its growth, blackhead will disappear after few tries.