Massage is the Best for Hairs, Increase Hair Growth with Oil Massage


I am telling you about hair massage .As you know Massage is a wonderful way to de-stress and relax both the mind and body. Human touch (coupled with essential oils) can help to relieve muscular tension in the body, as well as calm the mind and balance the emotions.You make, it can be satisfying and cheaper to make your own massage cream. Massage creams are used as a carrier base for essential oils in aromatherapy massage, and can also be used on their own. Massage creams have a thicker consistency than massage oils or lotions.Massage your scalp daily. Massaging helps circulate blood and brings nutrients to the scalp. Put both your hands on the head and move your fingers in slow, circular motion. Massaging will make your scalp warm and tingly it is an indicator that blood is flowing to the scalp which will help in hair growth. Include protein in your diet. Protein strengthens hair and controls hair falling. Eat a high protein diet filled with meat, fish, eggs, avocados, nuts, and beans, or add protein supplements to your drinks. Increase your folic acid intake. Folic acid is vital for hair health and growth. Include food with high folic acid in your diet. Add soybeans, green vegetables, and carrots to your daily menu.


Hair Massage Tips:

  1. A warm oil scalp massage two or three times a week will help stimulate and moisturize the scalp. You can use good quality coconut, almond or olive oil. Ayurvedic hair oils also contain some of the herbs mentioned earlier. Apply some mildly warmed oil to your hair and gently massage into your scalp evenly with your fingertips. Leave on overnight if you can, if not, leave on for at least an hour or two, then get it out by shampooing your hair. The scalp massage helps you relax and aids sound sleep as well.
  2. Don’t comb, pull, tug, twist, or be rough with your hair in any way immediately after hair wash. Hair roots are weak and prone to breakage when wet.
  3. Make sure that your scalp and hair are always clean. It will help your hair grow faster. Dirt clogs the hair follicles, which makes it more difficult for hair to grow. However, do not shampoo every day, as men’s hair get easily damaged, and excessive shampooing can dehydrate hair and cause breakage. Shampoo twice a week while cleanse hair with conditioner daily. So, Never use very hot or cold water to wash hair. It makes them brittle.
  4. Never attack wet hair with a brush, no matter how rushed for time you are. Tangles in wet hair are best removed with a wide-toothed comb. Use a wooden comb if you can find one; it won’t generate static electricity. Excessive blow-drying can damage hair in the long-term, making it brittle and causing split ends. If you can, let your hair dry naturally, then brush into place.
  5. use a conditioner at all times after shampooing your hair. Conditioner helps soften and detangle hair. Deep condition every alternate week. Use a deep conditioner that contains protein at least twice a month to strengthen hair. Hot oil treatment with olive oil to intensely moisten the hair follicles is also very effective to stop hair fall.
  6. Avoid using hot hair-styling products. Use of hot irons, blow-dryers, and other appliances producing heat damage the hair. Ensure that your blow-dryer is set on a low temperature setting. Protect hair from damage due to heat by applying a protein lotion before you use a blow-dryerChemical treatments like relaxers do make curly hair look longer, though they drastically slow down the growth of men’s hair. .
  7. Using a moisturizer greatly reduces the chances of split ends and promotes hair growth by diminishing breakage. However, to avoid overtly oily hair, use only a little moisturizer or try lubricating your hair a couple of hours before hair wash. Moisturized hair will attract dust if you go out.



There  is a Special Sampson for you. Apply it, tell me about result.


Shikakai shampoo:


  1.  Shikakai 1 kg
  2.  Bengal gram (chana dal) ¼ kg
  3. Moong Puls with seed ¼ kg
  4.  khus-khus ¼ kg
  5. methi seeds) 100 gms
  6.  horse gram 100gms


Make sure the ‘Shikakai’ is dry or else dry it in the sun. Take all the ingredients to a mill and get them ground.Grind all of them. Store in an airtight container when cool.

Take 2½ tablespoons for 1 wash of long hair, 1½ tablespoons for shoulder length hair or 1½ teaspoons for very short hair and mix it with enough water to make a thick liquid of shampoo constituency.

Apply on wet scalp and hair and rub all over nicely. After 2 minutes rinse properly with lots of water and make sure no lumps are left on the hair or scalp.