How to Care for Pink Lips, Tips For Pink Lips



 A beautiful smile can brighten up your day! Soft and pink lips are the ones responsible for this.The desire to look attractive is so deeply rooted in people, especially women, who are taking every possible step to enhance their beauty. Lip augmentation surgery is a kind of cosmetic technique which involves its enlargement and fullness.The lips form the most delicate part of your body and it requires special care. The skin on the lips has three to five cellular layers that do not contain sebaceous glands. Therefore it is very important to have a nutritional diet and regular exercises to keep yourself looking health..Coping with environmental and climatic conditions always leave the lips looking chapped and dull! This is a common factor that leads to public humiliation. The use of lip balms is very effective as the lips undergo severe damage during the winters. Chapped and dry lips are embarrassing as well as extremely unattractive. It has been noticed that smoking has a bad effect on lips making them black, chapped and wrinkled. The most common reason of cracked lips is habitual licking and biting of the lips. With a constant use of balms, gloss and oil, your lips can be made be made supple and flexible. By following these tips you can make your lips look soft, luscious, pink and attractive. Try them and let us know what you think!




Tips for Pink Lips:


  1.   Lip gloss is a great way to bring about change in the way your lips look and add a touch of style too! It is one of those products used for adornment. Lip glosses available in the market with different flavors that can cater to individual needs of customers.
  2. Lip care is an integral part of body care as it contains sensitive tissues. It is true that lips can take a lot of wear and tear. But this is exactly why they deserve special attention too. It is a common sight that when the lips lose hydration, they become chapped, dry and black. To avoid this, consumption of fibre and fruits are essential along with plenty of water.
  3. Apply home made butter before going to bed. You can also apply the milk cream if butter is not available. If you apply honey, coconut oil or almond oil on a daily basis then you’re sure to acquire gorgeous looking lips! Using petroleum jelly with SPF is a sure way to protect your lips in all seasons.
  4. keep your skin hydrated and supple by drinking sufficient amount of water.Excessive intake of coffee and tea has dehydrating effect.So cut down on those.You can consider taking vitamin E supplement to keep your skin soft and supple.
  5. Apply honey to your lips for a few minutes and wash off to get soft lips.Honey is a natural moisturizer.Use lemon ridges to scrub your lips to remove any darkness from lip skin.Lemon is a natural skin lightener.
  6. Avoid darker coloured lipsticks if you have thinner lips. They will highlight your thin lips even more so avoid. Stick to more neutral colours instead.
  7. To lighten the color of your lips, daily apply lime juice on them.To lighten the lips either apply olive oil or almond oil on them.
  8. As per another ayurvedic tips for lips, soak raisins in water overnight and eat these as first thing in the morning. This will help you in getting pink lips. Apply almond oil on your lips daily. You can also make the paste of almonds in milk cream. Rub this daily on your lips. It is a very good lip conditioning technique.
  9. Quit smoking. Although it is not easy but with this the lip discoloration can be stopped and many other associated diseases will not have any chance to occur in your body.