Best Homemade Anti-Dandruff Hair Pack


Using a natural homemade hair mask is a great way to reduce and maybe even to eliminate dandruff. This pack not only helps treat dandruff, it will also give you soft, moisturized, and shiny hair.






1 big cup of curd
mayonnaise 2 big tsp
aloe vera gel 2 tsp
vitamin E 2 tsp


Fist take 1 big cup of curd, Now add mayonnaise and fresh aloe vera gel. In the curd, add 2 big spoons of mayonnaise and mix well.
Add 2 spoons of aloe vera gel and mix well.
Add vitamin E oil or capsules in this mixture.
Finely divide your hair into four sections, and apply this mixture thoroughly on your scalp.
Keep the mask for 1 hour, wash your hair with cold water. You can also squeeze in lemon before apply the mask into the hair.