How to Benefit From Orange, Orange is A Healthy Fruit


Oranges are one of the most popular citrus fruits in the world. Their bright color, juicy flesh and nutritional benefits make a tangy, refreshing juice that is often associated with breakfast. Oranges are available for purchase year-round and come in plentiful variety; additionally, making fresh-squeezed orange juice at home is fun, healthy and easy to do with a quality juicer or hand-held tool.
Fresh-squeezed orange juice has many nutritional benefits. The most well-known, primary benefit is that oranges contain excellent portions of vitamin C, a healthful water-soluble antioxidant. Vitamin C combats harmful free radicals in the body, preventing damage, fighting infections and protecting cells that could otherwise be susceptible to diseases, such as colon cancer. This powerful vitamin also increases iron absorption within the body, helping prevent an iron deficiency. According to a recent report, fresh orange juice contains more active, natural enzymes than regular juice. Orange juice has also recently been found to significantly reduce the risk of kidney stones in women. Orange juice is a quality source of dietary fiber, natural sugars, thiamine, folate, potassium, calcium, water and beta-carotene. Drinking orange juice (versus eating the fruit) allows for quick absorption of greater amounts of nutrients, because digestion is unnecessary.

How much juice should you allow?

For children ages one and older, parents should try to limit juice to two servings or less a day. For infants, suggests waiting to offer juice until they are 6 to 9 months old or are able to drink from a cup. Four ounces of vitamin C-rich juice a day is plenty for an infant. Keep in mind that some infants may not tolerate citrus juices well, in which case it would be best to wait until a child is one year old to offer juices like orange or grapefruit juice. Try a non-citrus vitamin C-fortified juice instead

  • Based on 3/4 cup serving of unfortified juice
  •  Recommended Daily Allowance for children ages 4 to 8


How can you limit the amount of juice your child drinks?


Try these tips:

  • Offer juices less often or dilute them with water.
  • Give water in place of juice in a special cup or bottle
  • Serve fruits as snacks instead of juice.
  • Serve milk at all meals.

Benefit From Orange:

  1. Orange peels contain compounds that are beneficial to your health. One medium orange contains over 60 flavonoids and 170 different phytonutrients.
  2. The flavonoids in an orange  help vitamin C, an important antioxidant vitamin, work more efficiently. Flavonoids also retard the growth of cancer cells by withholding energy requirements needed by these harmful cells.researchers found that d-limonene, a major component in orange peels, reduced the occurrence of squamous cell carcinoma, a deadly form of skin cancer. Participants who regularly consumed the peel of an orange had a significantly reduced rate of skin cancer over those who regularly consumed only the orange
  3. An orange  contains two important flavones: hesperidin and polymethoxylate. These are compounds that help lower low-density lipoprotein, or LDL, cholesterol levels, Researchers suggest that taking dietary supplements containing orange is more ideal than eating the peels. The reason: you would need to eat 20 orange or tangerine peels a day for the peels to have a therapeutic effect on LDL cholesterol levels.
  4. Orange peel extract is an ingredient used in a variety of health and beauty products, ranging from cold medicines to bath and body products. One notable product has shown to help with smoking cessation. According to Medical News Today, a scientifically proven nicotine gum, with dried orange peel as one of the ingredients, helps break down and remove nicotine from the body.
  5.  This is a citrus family fruit rich in Vitamin C. Orange is said to have toning and astringent properties and is very good fruit for improving your skin texture and complexion. Besides these benefits, orange is also helpful in preventing skin aging and helps in firming of skin as well. Following are the skin benefits of orange:
  6. If you want to lighten and tighten your skin, use orange peels on your skin. Rub fresh peels f orange on your skin for greater benefits.You can use dry, crushed orange peels as orange scrub on your skin for greater benefits.
  7. Orange is also a very helpful fruit for warding off fatigue or tiredness. Juice of two oranges can be stored as ice cubes. By rubbing these orange juice cubes on your face, you will feel refresh and rejuvenated once again.
  8. Drinking a glass of orange juice 1.5 hours before bedtime can prevent hunger, so are not encouraged to eat snacks. Orange juice also will maintain adequate fluids throughout the night so that the system is guaranteed to remain as current food metabolism during sleep.
  9. Blood pressure can be kept in balance with magnesium found in Oranges.
  10. To maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and to maintain electrolyte balance of cells, one can eat oranges for potassium it provides. The food we take is converted into energy by thiamin found in orange.
  11.  Orange Essential Oil is phototoxic, and the method of distillation may play a role. It may be prudent to treat Sweet Orange Oil as a phototoxic oil. Please refer to the other safety information mentioned below.

Best For your Heath:

Next time you see a orange don’t hesitate to take a piece. Which all fruits do you like? Do you have a list of fruits which you consume daily or frequently?