How to Apply Eyes Makeup, Best Eyes Makeup


Eyes has spacial power to cast a magic spell on other people.if your eyes look beautiful you can cast this magic spell any time. every women needs to know how to properly apply eye make-up. Women do not wear eye makeup just because it makes them look pretty and alluring. There is a very fundamental reason for this; eye makeup gives the eyes more sharpness and depth. Makeup accentuates the eyes, making them the focal point of the face. Be it any party or event, appropriate eye makeup can make all heads turn to your favour. But, applying eye makeup is easier said than done. Many women falter at the prospect of applying eye makeup as they do not know the proper way to do it.


About Eye Makeup:

Your first task is to prepare your eyes before applying makeup. Common problems like dark circles and ‘crow feet’ can ruin your entire look. So, it is best to hide them with a concealer. It is the most effective way to cover up those hideous under-eye circles. Apply three dots of concealer just under the inner eye-one in the inner eye corner, second in the center and third on the outer edge. Now, using your ring finger, pat the dots until they disappear. Never rub the concealer under the eyes.Now, prepare your eye-lids for the eye shadow. This is done with an eye base and applying this is very important as it keeps the shadow in place for a longer duration. Priming the eye lids with the base accentuates the shadow. After priming, use eyeliner to define the eyes. This will make your eyes prominent by highlighting the contours    Applying eyeliner on the bottom lid gives a very dramatic look- the perfect makeup for parties.  Applying eye shadow is the most important part of eye given an easy eye make-up tips.

Tips For Applying Make up:

  1. First, apply a very light shadow on the upper eye-lid up to the brow bone. Then apply a medium shadow only on the lid followed by a darker shadow on the crease. Make sure that you blend them into each other but only on the outside edge and not too close to the eye. The key point is to start with a light base and finish off with a dark shadow.
  2. Choose eye shadows that make the color of your eyes stand out. So, it is important that you match the color of your eye with the color of the shadow. But you can also go for contrasting colors for a stand-out effect.
  3. Applying deep color on the brow bone is too dramatic. So, unless it’s a neutral color, never apply shadow on the brow bone. You can apply the shadow up to the brow bone not on or beyond it.
  4. Remember, correctly applying eye shadow can prove to be quite difficult. Practice is the key.
  5. A light eye shadow is the best way in which you can give a brightening effect to the eye makeup. Just apply the highlighter to the inner corner where the upper lid meets the bottom lid. You can also dab the highlighter on your brow bone 
  6. Apply the mascara on your upper eyelashes; start from the bottom of the lashes and run the brush two to three times through them. Make sure that one coat of mascara has dried a bit before you apply another. After applying mascara, use an eyelash comb to make the lashes look fuller