Wazaif for All Type of Hair Problems-Hair Loss- For Long Hair


These wazifas or Dua is very useful who wants to increase their hair size or length, especially girls likes long hairs, they try shampoos, oils and other medicens to increase hair length, wasting of time and money, I shared you dua and wazifa for long hair, try this InshaAllah you will see results. InshAllah you will see the improvements.





Wazaif for Hair Problems-Hair Loss- For Long Hair:


  1. After every namaz, read “Allahu Al Bariyu Al Kabeeru” 313 times, and pray to Allah Azzawajal for your hair and blow on your hands to run over your hair. You may also do a blow (damm) on oil which you are using.
  2. Recite this 100 times and blow on the amount of water which can easily wash your scalp. Wash your scalp from this water thrice (3 times) in a week. Do this process for one month. Insha Allah you will see good results.
  3. Recite this Wazifa 100 times on water ( Take water in such quantity that you can easily wash your hairs with the water). You can do this practice 3 days in a week, for 1 month.
  4. This du’a should be read in odd numbers, as many times as you wish, with this in mind that the more you pray it, the more effective it will be, and that you must also continue to pray your five times salah, and other ritual practices as prescribed. The du’a is:
  5. ‘Ya Munazzilash Shafa’i Wa Mudh’hibadh Da’i anzil ‘ala Maabhi Min Da’inn Shafaa’ann’ You may also recite this 3 times over hair oil, and make ‘damm‘ upon the oil, before applying it to the hair.