Interior Decoration Ideas for Drawing Room, Wonderful Living Room Design Ideas






Drawing Room Furniture:


Living room, where one can entertain guests, watch television, read, and practice the art of living. The living room is sometimes a rarely used room, without a television or other media, where visitors are formally entertained. Either way, living rooms provide a design set piece for you to display your signature look from a stylish combination of living room furniture.

The basic decorative and entertaining articles of drawing room furniture are chairs, sofas, tables etc. The shape of room expresses layout of the furniture. Small room needs small furniture to keep all things which saves space.

Before decorating and furnishing your Drawing room, decide how much time your family members spend there. If you have less space, you need more care to furnish it. If you have more space, you can use the space more efficiently. Ornamental pieces such as sculptures, wall hanging, flowers and paintings add to the beauty of the room. Also you can put fresh flowers into vase any where besides phone table or over dining table. Mirror can be an additional ornament to the Drawing room.

When there is large gathering of guests at any function, to minimize problem of space during late hours, you can use sofa cum bed which serves both the purposes, one of sofa and the other of bed in emergency. If there is less space, use folding furniture and furniture on wheels which can be pulled only when it is in required.

Drawing Room Lighting:

Before decorating drawing room interior you should consider apt lighting and plan how many activities are going to take place there. Never use central light because it creates shadow and glare. Combination of fluorescent or halogen lights provide lighting throughout the space. Showing sculptures with spot lighting gives an artistic look which enhances the warmth of drawing room. You can also consider general lighting for entertainment purposes such as watching television, task lighting for reading and accent light for art works. Pendant lights are fixed in the centre of the drawing room just as chandeliers light while up lights are fixed in darker corners of the drawing room.

Color your Drawing Room:

Color plays a dominant role in decorating a Drawing room. Light color makes the room look larger and spacious. For small rooms, use light colors such as white or cream as they are most obvious choices for wall. The room would look smaller if there are stronger colors. However, you can use warm colors for some areas of the room. Thus color should be selected carefully.

Drawing Room Curtains:

The curtains provide traditional and artistic look to the drawing room. The designs of curtains depend on windows, doors, colors of the walls and decoration of the drawing room. Cotton and silk are the best fabrics for curtains and are liked by everyone. Use lining curtains are durable and protect us from outside weather. Use fancy tieback that makes the curtains more attractive. Change curtains’ pole and use swag and valance curtains.

Drawing Room Flooring:

Three types of flooring in your Drawing room such as ceramic tile flooring, wooden flooring, and white marble flooring are suitable for drawing room. Ceramic tile flooring is extremely strong, easy to clean, bacteria free, light in weight, scratch resistant, fire proof and stain free. The tiles are good insulators. Ceramic tile flooring is salt glazed that is why it’s anti-slippery.

Wooden flooring is always recommended for its craftsmanship. It is versatile, durable, noiseless and long lasting if maintained properly.  It does not get hot in summer and doesn’t get cold in winter also.  It adds charm to the beauty of a Drawing room. White marble flooring adds to the beauty of the Drawing room. It is hard, dense and has long life. It is easy to clean; strong, long lasting and stain-free. It is bacteria-free as the joints are very thin.

Carpet in Drawing Room:

Carpets add ornamental touch to the flooring of a Drawing room. These are usually selected according to the location of the place. If a carpet is well placed in drawing room, it works for long time though it’s less expensive. You can think about a stain resistant carpet if you have any kid. You can go for soft resilience carpets to avoid slippery.