Best Shahi Mutton Haleem Recipe, Haleem Recipe


Haleem Recipe is really healthy traditional cooking recipe. It is very easy to prepare and gives you unique taste of Pakistani Recipes.

       Pre-Prep  time 15min    cooking time 3 or 4 hour    serve 4



Meat boneless 750gm
Onion 2
Ginger and Garlic paste 2tbs each
Red Chilli powder 2tbs
Haldi 1tbs
Salt 2tsp
Dhania powder:3tbs
Oil 2cup
yogurt 1/4cup
Garam masala 1tsp
Green chillies paste 1/4tbs
Ground Mint leaves 1tbs
Wheat 1/3cup
Barley 1/3cup
Chana dal 1/2cup
Moong 1cup
Masoor 1/4cup
Arahar 1/4cup
Rice 1/2cup



  • Soak wheat & barley to 3 or 6 hour and boil with 1tsp chilli & haldi powder make it tender and grind it.
  • Then add all dal  & rice with enough water to cook and cook till tender and grind.
  • Heat oil, fry onion, add all masala, yogurt, roast for a while then add meat.
  • Now add water and cook till tender. Add dal & wheat mixture.
  • Grind it in a mixer or grind manually. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly.
  • Add garam masala to this.
  • Serve with fried onion strips, lemon, cilantro, chopped ginger and chat masala.