Carrots And Cucumber Juice, Clear Skin Juice


Clear skin is a reflection of balanced hormonal and detoxification systems. Aloe, ginger, and dandelion are all potent skin healers and detoxifiers, while cucumber and celery add a low glycemic base with plenty of structured water and electrolytes to mineralize and flush away toxins. Hope you enjoy this wonderful juice, with all of it many health benefits.









Carrots 1
Cucumber 1-2
stalks of celery 2-3
I large piece of Aloe (slice open and scrap the inside to put through juicer)
knob of Ginger root 1/2 inch
leaves of dandelion 2-3


  1. Wash vegetables and cut up into small enough pieces to fit through your juicer spout. Also, it’s important to leave on the skin when juicing any vegetables, especially cucumber, as so many of the nutrients are in the skin.
  2. This is also why organic is very important.