How to Make an Orange Peel Face Cream, Natural for Beautiful Skin




Oranges are rich in amino acids, folic acid, pectin, flavonoids, and most importantly, it contains a galore of antioxidants which is excellent for the skin. Most of us never gave the orange peel much consideration, which is why it always found its way into the trash. However, when orange peels are mashed and made into a paste, it can work wonders for our skin. The advantages of oranges are not limited to simply consuming it. The entire fruit in its totality is a reservoir of nutrition and has its own medicinal properties, much like lemon. In order to make an orange peel face pack, you can either use the fresh orange skin or you may use orange peels which have been sun-dried for a few weeks until they are completely dry and brittle. However, using fresh peels seems easier for people to use, because it is quicker and convenient. It also ensures that all necessary nutrients are still present in the peel and haven’t been lost. Here is how you will make an orange peel face mask.



Face Cream Method:


First of all you will need to clean the orange peel with some salt water so that all germs are removed from the fruit. Now put the peels in the blender ad some milk,haldi and mash it up to make a thick sticky paste.
The paste is ready, Add a few drops of lemon juice as well, and then add a teaspoon of honey or glycerin into the paste. Mix the paste thoroughly so as to allow all the ingredients to blend properly.
 Before you apply the pack, wash your face with warm water.
  Let the pores of your face open up by using some steam therapy. You can do this by leaning over a vaporizer or a jug of hot water. The steam will warm your face and open the skin pores.
 Now apply the orange peel pack evenly on your face and use a generous amount so that the pack is not too thin.
The pack may sting a tiny bit, but it will be manageable. After this you must allow the pack to remain for about 45 minutes to one hour. Wash the pack when it’s completely dry, or when one hour is complete, whichever happens faster.
Wash the face pack with cold water and gently rub the pack off using your fingertips. Try to apply some bit of pressure with your fingertips so that all the dead skin and internal dirt can be removed simultaneously.
Once you have washed your face completely let the skin air-dry, after which you must apply a very thin coat of face cream, for preventing your skin from drying up. Apply this pack at least once in a week, and you will begin to notice the many orange benefits for skin for yourself.


Use as night cream.

You can used this cream as night cream .after applying this cream on face,clean it with tissupaper after few minutes, but dont wash face with water. wash your face in the will find better result like night cream.

The peel of the orange  is useful in improving the complexion.

Gently massage the inside of orange peelings on the face every night for a few minutes. Don’t rub off the moisture afterwards. This will cleanse the skin thoroughly and free the pores. It also has an astringent action and tightens the muscle of the face slightly, thus preventing sagging tissues.


Note:This cream is usefull for Acne Treatment