Natural Makeup For Natural Look..



I am telling you some easy ways to keep fresh your skin like a rose.As you know Some natural make up can be homemade and healthy. And natural beauty care can heal your skin and save money at the same time.
It’s true, the sun-kissed, outdoor festival-ready, nude makeup look perennially rebounds each spring. And while there’s something to be said for toning things down and getting back to basics, you can still play up your features and look perfectly natural without going completely bare.
Here are directions for mostly organic natural make-up, including translucent loose face powder, skin healing eye shadow, natural lip color/gloss, and moisturizing cheek rouge.  The potato starch and corn starch can set foundation and give bare skin a matt look without covering up a healthy skin glow or clogging pores. Cocoa and cinnamon are known by skin beauty experts to be very desirable products for natural beauty care.

Natural Makeup Tips:

  1. Makeup tips and suggestions of how to achieve the natural look with minimal effort yet to maximum effect.
  2. One of the first and most crucial choices to make when first considering wearing the natural look is to choose your foundation, concealer and blush color. For ethnic skins these should be yellow in tone.
  3. Blush color should match the color of your cheeks after exercise. When selecting colors (particularly foundation) this should be done in daylight to give you the truest picture.
  4. Contrast your make up, e.g. have strong eyes or strong lips, not both.
  5. Always blend your make up in well to avoid streaks. Make sure you cleanse your face well before applying any makeup; this ensures an even look all over. Keep brushes clean by washing them in warm water and soap.
  6. To take the natural look into the evening – simply intensify the colors. This can be done by using darker or brighter colors, e.g. using charcoal eye shadow instead of brown. Try adding shimmer to your lipstick for a more made up look.



             Natural Makeup  Aply:


  1. Wet your face with water and gently scrub. Pat it dry, tone, and moisturise. put a light layer of foundation and just put a little bit of foundation powder on top just to make your face that little bit more smoother.
  2. Keep it light under the eyes and on blemishes so that it appears to be the same tone as your skin over dark rings or spots. Use a concealer if you have it. Use a slightly darker foundation for the rest of your face.
  3. use an eyeshadow which is of the same color, and brush over the eyebrows. Brush some clear mascara or eyebrow gel through them so they stay put and don’t get all grizzly.Outline your eyes with black or brown pencil eyeliner, making sure it’s not too thick. Pick out a natural colored eyeshadow (bronze, brown, gold, cream, peach, etc.) and apply it to the lids of your eyes.
  4.  Next, use a black, brown or clear mascara to thicken your lashes. Make sure to let the first coat dry, otherwise the mascara will start clumping off. If you want them to be extra dazzling, use an eyelash curler, add a layer of clear mascara, then put on some black.
  5.  very light amount of blusher in either pink or peach. If you have olive skin, then bronzer on the cheekbones looks good or a good amount of peachy blusher. Dark skin looks good with a good bronzer or dark blusher.
  6. Lips go with either lip balm or a tinted/flavored chap stick.  use a light lip gloss with a layer of lip balm on top, to make it set for longer.
    Use a good mascara with a thin brush so you can get a more fanned-out look.