A Morning Cleansing and Skin preparation Routine, Your Beauty instruments



 The kind of lifestyle that is followed today can make it very difficult for the skin to remain healthy, glowing and free of various skin related disorders. Therefore, it is essential that you follow a natural skin care routine daily. Skin care treatments at the beauty salon can prove to be heavy on your pockets and so can skin care products. These treatments can be done at home as well, and that too with the use of all natural products that are also inexpensive and easily available. Your skin care routine and the daily skin care products that you use should be established depending upon your skin type and complexion. Here are a few skin routines and tips to skin care that you can follow.

Keep in Mind:

  • People who are suffering from acne must make it a point to wash their face every day with warm water and a mild soap.
  • Never over wash your face or scrub it too hard as this might lead to dry skin.
  • If there are any pimples on your face then take care not to prick it as this can lead to redness, swelling or even scarring. Better apply a good anti-pimple cream.
  •  Those who wear glasses or glares should clean them and also clean the areas around the nose and eyes prevent oil from clogging the pores.
  •  Wear loose clothes if you spot any type of injuries and blemishes on the skin. this will make it easier for the skin to heal.
  •  Before going to bed, remove any traces of makeup as these can block your skin pores leading to pimples, eye infections, lip discoloration and the like.
  •  Keep your skin protected from the harmful rays of the sun by applying moisturizing cream or sunscreens. Overexposure to the sun may harm your skin in many ways. It also increases the risk of skin cancer and developing wrinkles.

 Morning Cleansing: