Makeup For Girls With Glasses, Eye Makeup With Glasses..



when you wear makeup with glasses, you can keep your eyes from getting lost behind your frames too.
If you’re sporting thick, colourful frames, be sure to balance this burst of colour by wearing a rich colour on your lips. No need to match the hue—bright purple frames do NOT give you the go-ahead to wear bright purple lipstick—but do pump up the colour a bit.
If you have a hard time seeing without your glasses, purchase a pair of inexpensive magnifier specs to wear while you apply makeup. If you can apply without specs, be sure to try them on a few times as you apply makeup to see if any adjustment is needed. Your eyebrows frame your face and well, your frames, so be sure those brows are well groomed. Finally, wear sunglasses! Squinting in the sun and years of sun damage will lead to fine lines and wrinkles, stock up on shades for the beach!

Bottom line: less is truly more. Don’t fall prey to the common misconception that wearing glasses means you need to pile on the makeup. Keep it simple!

Makeup For Glasses: