Home Decorating Ideas-Create Dream House, Easy way



You will be surprise to know that many people want to live deliberately, because they have not any urge to take care the large houses & apartments. They want to live in smaller shape and style. In fact they downsize themselves. They think that small living is easy and beautiful; everything is practical within their reach.

The quickest way you can spruce up a room is to add a fresh coat of paint. You should factor in the size of the room that needs sprucing up, and the amount of natural light that gets inside before heading out to the shop to buy the paint. If you have a small room, go for bright colors on the walls to create the illusion of space, and accent the walls of a large room with a toned down color. Another great way to change the feel and look of a room is through lighting. At times, as simple as the way the light is directed from a bulb can make all the difference in the world. for instance, if you have a lampshade that directs light downwards, change it for a shade which will project light upwards and see the instant change that this will create.Forget about pictures and mirrors on the walls to bring life to a room. Pictures introduce some personal touch to a home as well as brightening up the walls while mirrors will reflect interior lighting and create the illusion of space. Placement is all that matters here though meaning you shouldn’t hang a small mirror over a huge piece of furniture or a big mirror over a tiny piece of furniture as it will look out of balance and very odd. Bedspreads are always readily hemmed, meaning you can make great curtains from them pretty quickly. You simply pleat the top, stitch on the hooks and you are good to go. In case you use a heavy bedspread, ensure the curtain pole is sturdy enough to support the weight.In case you have dining room or living room furniture in dire need of a pick-me-up, or you simply need some change, purchase removable covers and fit them over the furniture, or you can even sew the covers yourself. There are helpful videos online which can teach you how to go about it.

Easy Tips for Decorating Dream House:

  1. This is not the question that how you want to live, in fact this counts that how you are going to decorate it. The decoration should be in such a way that you feel comfort & the atmosphere not to disturb you.
  2. If you have a small wall to decorate with pictures, then select small pictures for it. But if the wall is larger in size then, select large pictures for it. Keep in mind that the setting should be compact. The space in between the picture frames should be equal and there should be perfect proportion.
  3. Hang a picture or a painting on a wall is also an art. What is color of wall and what we are going to hang should have symmetry, proportion and color adjustment. There is a common practice that we hang artwork at the eye level, so that the center of the artwork may come to our focal point.
  4. Lighting always enhances the impression of art work. If a dreamy artwork is not lighted well it will lost its impression. Properly lit paintings or pictures seem to be real and dramatic.
  5. The wealthy people live beside the seaside in a huge bungalow with lot of rooms. They have swimming pool, library, game room and dance room etc. Actually they could afford it and live lavishly. This is a style of living. But on the hand some people live in small room of small apartments in small space, because they could afford this, and they thanks to God for it.
  6. If you are making a choice for a warm space, then arrange it by using furnished pieces which looks comfortable and cozy, having warm colors, preferably dark. Make your lighting dramatic and fantastic. In this way the closed and congested place will look wider and will be a private space.
  7. Giving width doesn’t mean that you make a demolition the walls and bulldoze your structure. You may give width to the congested place by the color, arrangement of furniture and changing the position of the lights. Then you will feel that your place is increased in length & width. This is not a magic, only use of your wisdom. We have some tips and ideas for you to work and to enlarge you space.
  8. If you have too much stuff in your living space, throw it out. The useless collection makes the space heavy and congested. You will get any place to move properly in your flat or apartment. There is other option that you make the collection out of the sight. For example set them behind the doors, on the shelves or under the tables. When you will clear the space, you will find it yourself   comfortable and easy to move.
  9. The heavy or lighter things which come in the way make a blockage and produce uneasiness for you. Move the furniture from the walkways and clear the space. You will find the space large. There are so many things like placing the tall pieces near the wall, table should be low, and the chair should be armless. Remember that when the things will be less, the space will be more. Likewise if you may the floor clearly, your space will be wider.
  10. Keep in mind the light & soft colors make the space feel larger in comparison to heavy and dark colors. Choose like jasmine yellow, off white, sky blue and cream color for your flat. It will also
  11. If you have no time and you want to change the condition of the room immediately, then add a patterned armchair in your simple room. Everybody loves this tub chair which is included in the latest floral design. The fantastic burnt orange, green & brown colors, it seems to be attractive and elegant with upholstery and walls in pale muted shades.
  12. If you are willing to have more space in your room without spending anything, then re-hang the door. If it is opening inside the room adjust it in this way that it open outside. Now you will be able to place more furniture in the room and the space will seem to you wider thanbefore. Keep in mind that, don’t open the door in any busy corridor.