How to Dye Your Hair Red, Dye Your Hair From Black to Red


Before you go for the big dye job, think about how many shades are available. Go by a basic rule of thumb with red selection. If you have olive undertones in your skin, a cool red shade is going to look the best. If your skin has a pink undertone, then stick with warm, coppery reds.







How to Dye Your Hair Red:

  1. First need to buy red hair color. Wich you find Best Frome Markeet.
  2. Apply the dye with gloved hands and a highlighter brush. Coat evenly.
  3. Bleach your hair with this. When you re-dye your roots don’t pre- bleach just add developer!
  4. Let the dye sit for the time the box says.
  5. And rinse your hair out with cold wate