How You Can Easly to Keep Your House Clean, Daily Quick Cleaning House


This is a challenged for homeowner. How can keep clean  a house.? Its a big challenge for many families. What helps is if each family member takes responsibility for one or more specific cleaning chores. While you can’t always get everyone to do his housekeeping chores in a timely manner, there are ways to keep your house cleaner throughout the week without doing a lot of work

  • Organization:

  • its firs step to keep clean yore house.Organizing your home simplifies your housekeeping tasks. Place trashcans strategically throughout the house, and don’t bury the trashcan liners in the closet, but place them where they are easy to get to. Keep cleaning supplies readily available under all the bathroom sinks, to make cleaning the bathroom sinks, mirrors and tubs easier. Instead of one toilet brush for you home, keep one by each toilet. Store the vacuum cleaner in a handy location, and simplify routine cleaning chores by keeping cleaning supplies and equipment in a convenient location.

  • Pickup Box:

    • A policy of take it out and put it away works well if family members follow the rules. Unfortunately, convincing family members to put something away right after they use it is not always easy. If you have a family of droppers, there is a way to simplify the task so the common areas of your house, such as the living room or kitchen, look clean and neat. Before you go to bed at night, go through the house and pick up those personal items family members have dropped throughout the house, and put them in a box. Make it their responsibility to retrieve those items from the box and put them away. To avoid a box turning into a mountain, make a rule regarding when they must retrieve and put away the items, such as before bedtime.


    Dining Limits:

    • Restrict your family meals and snacks to the dining room or kitchen, which will eliminate food messes throughout the house, such as crumbs on the couch, spills on the carpet and empty pizza boxes shoved under your teenager’s bed. Another advantage for family members is munching on junk food won’t be as tempting if they can only do so while sitting at the dining room table, making for a leaner and healthier family.

 Here’s a quick guide to cleaning your space to get you out of your dirty rut. 
1. Go to the bathroom. 
Why? Bathrooms that are dirty are germfests waiting to make you sick. Clean it up and you might just feel better or get through cold and flu season unscathed!

2. Take on the kitchen. 
This is where you eat so it should be clean. Nothing attracts bugs faster than a filthy kitchen. Make it a goal to give your kitchen a two-hour once over. Spend two hours in there and really clean — the coils on the fridge, the oven, the floors, ceilings, windows – everything.

3. Head into the bedroom. 
When you sleep, you are breathing in everything that’s in the room, i.e., pet dander, dust, mites from the bed, you name it. Make it a point to clean under the bed, vacuum the blinds and wash the curtains and bedspreads and blankets. Then vacuum, yes, vacuum, the mattress and flip. Ahhh….clean. It feels so nice.

4. Create a paper trail. 
To the recycling center that is. Haven’t read that magazine? Then you’re not going to, so get rid of it. Conduct your own “paperectomy” and get rid of all that paper that’s just taking up space.

5. Concentrate in the corners. 
This is where everything drifts to… the corner of the bedroom, the corners of the ceilings. Corners are a magnet for stacks of papers. On the ceiling, corners attract spider webs. Clear out every corner you have, including closet corners.

6. Go outside. 
Rent a pressure washer and wash the house, sidewalks, patios, and driveways. Pressure washers are a house’s best friend. Think of it as an exfoliating scrub for your home. You will love your sparkling house.

7. Head to the top. 
Clean off the tops of everything. This includes dressers, tables, counters, refrigerators — anything with a top. It also means dusting the tops of windows,door trim, and tops of baseboards. Dust just loves to hide on the tops of things.

8. Get steamed. 
Once a year get your carpets and upholstery STEAM cleaned. Why steam? It’s hot and it’s water so it will clean REALLY well without hurting anything or leaving behind any kind of soapy residue. That’s right, soapy residue.

Many people get their carpets cleaned or use grocery-store carpet cleaner products only to find they need to do it again and again and again because the carpets get dirtier faster and faster and faster.