How To Make Malpua, Malpua Recipe – By Kiran Khan


Malpua recipe is one of the special sweet dishes that is best served with rabri. It is cooked all over north and east india during holi, the festival of colors. Now also popular in pakistan. I hope you like this desert.


Milk 1 litre
Maida 1/3 cup
Suji 1/3 cup

How to make malpua:
  • First need to boil the milk till it reduces to 1/2 its quantity.
  • Now, roast the rava till light brown. And add to the milk along with maida. But remember, there should be no lumps.
    It should be a smooth pouring consistency. Heat the ghee. Take the batter in a glass.
  • Pour in circular movements into the ghee to form a small pan cake. Turn over. keep in mind, that it does not become crisp and har
  • And as finaly touch is that, make a sugar syrup of 1 thread consistency. Dip the malpura in the syrup and lay out on a plate.